Video Chat Christmas special

Video Chat Christmas Special

Do you want to make calls, video conferencing, share your screen and chat privately in a virtual meeting room with password protection?

Videoconferencing.Services is offered for free during the lockdown so that you can video chat with your loved ones via any browser and with video chat apps for all mobile devices.

With this Christmas gift you can virtually come close to each other in the social distancing society with chat and video calling without having to worry about who is watching and / or listening! Meet in the browser or by downloading an app on your smartphone. You don’t have to download anything.

Videoconferencing.Services has standard video calling functions such as group chat and private chat, screen sharing, you can show a presentation, the option to blur your background or share a YouTube video. You can adjust the image quality for faster and slower internet connections, and of course you can also use the tool without turning on your camera.

With regard to your privacy, there is a clear privacy policy from the European Privacy company. In addition, your traffic is encrypted. Your communication is encrypted when traveling from you to the hoster and when traveling from the hoster to the people you call.

The Christmas special of Videoconferencing.Services has a limit of 10 participants in a video call.

Also, the video conference service is hosted in an EU data center with ISO 27001 and 5001 certification!

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