FAQ - Remote Access Cloud

The Remote Access Cloud is a solution with which you can surf to a website using a webbrowser of choice (for example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge etc) and get connected to your computer at the office.

No, the Remote Access Cloud can be used without a VPN, just log into a website using a browser of choice (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge etc) and start working!

The only thing that is required to use the Remote Access Cloud is a web browser! This way you can make use of the software whether it’s on your computer at home, your laptop on the road or your mobile phone!

Yes you can! You can configure the Remote Access Cloud to record your sessions and then disable it after your session is done.

The grouping functionality is designed to make it easier for your employees to access certain systems that are important to them. Consider, for example, an HR employee who can only access groups that the HR needs access to using groups.

To ensure that the computer is always available, it is useful to ensure that it does not go to sleep after a certain period of inactivity. Follow the next steps:

Press Start and type “powercfg.cpl” without quotes and press Enter.

In the next screen click Change when the computer sleeps.

In the next screen select Never at “Put the computer to sleep”.

Now click Save Changes and you’re done!