FAQ - Password Cloud

A password manager is a tool that you can use to generate and remember strong passwords. Many people either use the same password for multiple services or they use a single password which they change a little bit (for example swapping or editing a letter). This can fairly easily be replicated by cybercriminals. So when they get one of those passwords they can very easily generate a list of similair passwords which they can use to target other services. A password manager solves this by creating long, complicated and unique passwords, storing them for you, and also fill them in automatically so you don’t have to think about it.

While Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer the option to remember your passwords they lack the ability to generate secure passwords for you. Also when you want to access these passwords you are bound to that particular browser to use the passwords. The Password Cloud offers you the option to take the passwords with you regardless of your browser or device. Just log in to the Password Cloud using your masterpassword and one-time password and access all of your accounts!

If you have forgotten your master password, please contact the IT department of your company or the website where you purchased the Password Cloud. They can reset your password.